DeafBlind Association (NSW)

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DeafBlind Association (NSW)

 29 Burwood Rd, Concord.  

 Our phone number 9744-5712


Advertisement for 2 positions at:


29 Burwood Rd, Concord 2137

Position 1

COORDINATOR 10hrs per week – with appropriate knowledge of deafblindness and the needs of people with deafblindness. Good Microsoft Office Skills including Excel required.


·       Coordination of support to develop training within DBA(NSW) office.

·       Ensuring organisations are proficient in specific deafblind needs.

·       Coordinating consultations between community groups and Individual Capacity Building Coordinator

·       Identify suitable activities and courses to meet the needs and aspirations of Deafblind people

·       Identify Deafblind people across NSW not yet known to DBA(NSW), to address their needs.


Position 2

COORDINATOR Individual Capacity Building - 10hrs per wee


·       Essential - good communication knowledge and capacity, with people who are deafblind.

·       Ensuring organisations are proficient in specific deafblind needs.

·       Increase communication skills of people with deafblindness.

·       Work with people with deafblindness on increase in all skills.


Welcome to DBA(NSW)Inc. We are a not for profit organisation which aims to create safe and comfortable environments that enable individuals with deafblindness to access the community.

Through respect, trust and teamwork, we are providing leadership in deafblind awareness, inspired by the spirit and determination of the people we support.  

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our website.  If you have any suggestions please contact us. 

We now have a new facebook page

 Given we live in a world of social media, we will be using the FB page to communicate with you and the broader community more often. Like our page today.