DeafBlind Association (NSW)

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Our People


      Chairman: Irene McMinn 

      Vice Chairman: Mark Horau

      Treasurer: Gail Box

      Secretary: Dale Lowe

      Public Officer:  Trish Wetton, OAM

      Committee Members:  Janne Bidenko

                                          Rhondda Vassallo

                                          Carleeta Manser,


       Office Assistant:  Tony Hirst

       TRAINERS:          Steve Ripley

Rosemary Profilio


Office:                          Dale Lowe, Gail Box, Janne Bidenko

Learning program:       Ashley Liao

Hand Over Hand:        Kamal Toutounji, Branko Poznic (bus drivers).

Plus a small group of very dedicated volunteers who regularly turn up for both HOH Outings and Bunnings Sausage Sizzles. WE DO NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS to relieve this dedicated band.

Fundraising:                Irene McMinn

Janne Bidenko,