DeafBlind Association (NSW)

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DeafBlind Association (NSW)

Welcome to DBA(NSW)Inc. We are a voluntary, not for profit organisation, we aim to create safe and comfortable environments that enable individuals who are deafblind to access the community.

Through respect, trust and teamwork, we are providing leadership in deafblind awareness, inspired by the spirit and determination of the people we support.  Our executive committee currently consists of all Deafblind people, and the whole committee must always consist of 2/3 Deafblind people, according to the Constitution written in 1999, when the following were written.

Our Mission Statement

“The mission of DBA(NSW) is to facilitate the inclusion of all people who are deafblind into the community by raising awareness of their unique disability, promoting the use of a variety of communication techniques and the improvement of services and facilities for persons who are deafblind.


1.     Promote public awareness, recognition and acceptance of the unique needs of individuals who are deafblind;

2.     Improve the quality of life of persons who are deafblind in NSW, by

(a)  Identifying and promoting application of national and international best practice in programs and service provision.

(b)  Promoting the development of programs and services to facilitate opportunities for independent living and community activities;

3.     Provide consultation, collaboration and co-ordination with all service providers supporting persons who are deafblind;

4.     Advocate rights for persons who are deafblind and foster the Deafblind person’s ability to self-advocate by providing them with information or options for problem solving;

5.     Represent the interests and needs of persons who are deafblind at the local, state, federal and international levels;

6.     To promote the use of a variety of communication techniques;

7.     Identify technology and its implementation and use by persons who are deafblind.